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How cool that you take time to create your own collage via our new online collage system! Use your imagination and all of your creativity to create a super cool collage!

Watch out! When creating a collage, keep in mind that there will always be a small border on the front of the canvas visible. With this border around the outside of your collage we can ensure the correct placement of your design on canvas. You can choose the colour for the border of your canvas print. In case you have any questions related to the operation of the system, please find the explanations below.

Choose a product

Choose the desired product on which you want to have your collage printed. You can choose between a canvas print, foam board print, aluminium print, framed print, posters, acrylic prints or an HD Metal.

Choose the size

Choose the desired size for the product you have selected.

Landscape or portrait?

You can choose the orientation of your collage - either portrait or landscape.

Choose the collage shape

You can choose between various designs. A standard collage with images of the same size, a collage with a bigger photo in the middle, a bigger photo on the top and small ones underneath and many more.

Background colour

If you would like to select a different background colour, click on the box "Background colour" and select the colour you want to have from the rainbow scale. If you have selected the background colour and you would like to create another collage it may be an idea to write down the colour code. That way the background colours will match.

Uploading your photos

The photos on your computer can be easily added to the collage. Click on a camera icon to select the photos. You can select multiple photos in order to fill your collage all at once. You will of course be able to edit and move the photos afterwards.

Create the collage exactly how you want it to be

After all your photos have been added you can start editing (zoom in, turn, move and/or colour setting) them so the collage is exactly how you want it to be.

Once you are ready with the design of your collage and you are completely happy with it, you can validate your collage by clicking on the button "Next". ATTENTION: You will not be able to go back to the previous step and edit your collage.

Sweet cat Tom with a party hat